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  • Are you tired of the teen years?
  • Do you feel you’re losing communication with your teens?
  • Are you afraid of the things they might be doing behind your back that might ruin their future?
  • Do you feel helpless cause they’re surrendering to peer pressure?


If you answered yes to many of those questions, please Know that your concerns are spot on.

Remember, Change is the word that rules over this period of the teen’s life. During those years, they are searching for their identity, they are going out from the “Known” which is the security of the home, to the “unknown” which is the outside world, full of risks and dangers.
What makes things more difficult is that during this time they start to shut you out, the communication level drops and they don’t see you as their hero anymore.
Whatever you do, just don’t take the advice of patiently waiting for those years to pass; crossing your fingers that nothing bad will happen.

Teenage years are like waterfall. It’s true that we can’t stop it but we definitely can harness it’s power. You don’t need to quit your job as a parent, that is not what they’re trying to communicate to you even though it seems so sometimes. They are not adults yet. They want more independence. What you will learn to do is to change your role a little bit so that you are not met with resistance anymore. You need to learn to become “Parent as Coach” to your teen and learn the 7 ways that will tremendously empower you to coach your teen in the game of life.

This new way to relating to your teen was put together by Diana Sterling and met a lot of success with families around the world. With this unique approach, the parent-teen relationship becomes a two-way street rather than a dead end.
You will learn practical methods, new habits that will open up a whole new way of being with your teenagers.
You will lay the foundation for powerful connection and communication with them that will sustain both parties during the inevitable stormy periods ahead.
You have the choice now to decide to take things in hand, stop blaming them for their attitude. Become a Parent-Coach to your teens and help them navigate through these treacherous waters into a bright future, and bring the peace your longing for in your home.

Here is what you will get with this one month

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Live one-on-one coaching by WhatsApp or Zoom (with or without cam) or in my office face to face.