Breath of an Angel

Hello. I am Breath of an Angel. It has been my forever dream to start helping the child that slept without supper and the mother who hided to cry.
But the time was always short. I was busy with my own life. The ups and downs, my own goals, my own disappointments, my own emotions, my own people, …and all the noise life surrounds us with. I was busy, like you, waiting for the time to be right. It never was. But then I understood. All this noise was keeping me from seeing the difference I could make, with a single Breath. Breath of an Angel is me, Breath of an Angel is all those beautiful members who want to make a change with me.

Food, New Cloth, Warm Blankets, New Toys…is what we provide. Those maybe regular things to us, but there are families who don’t have access to those simple things.

Each one of us is from a different walk of life. We used to say: ‘I’m busy..” “I don’t have time..” But we decided we wanted to stretch our heads and hearts because we can make a difference, one family at a time.
Each one of us is the Breath of an Angel. Only the breath. Sometimes the breath is strong, sometimes the breath is weak. No perfection. Only a soft breath, like a summer breeze that would bring back the smile on some forgotten and abandoned face.

Do you want to be Breath?


Our mission is to bring back the smile to the people who has been left out..who are drowning in poverty. The mother needs to know her child is not hungry nor cold. The child need to know he’s safe and things can be turned around.

For more information and help contact me.

Live one-on-one coaching by WhatsApp or Zoom (with or without cam) or in my office face to face.